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Tomato Seed Sus304 GMP 480kg/H Dryer Oven Machine

Tomato Seed Sus304 GMP 480kg/H Dryer Oven Machine

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    sus304 dryer oven machine


    480kg/h dryer oven machine


    GMP dryer oven machine

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    Steam / Electrical /
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    FAT/ IQ / OQ / PQ
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    Pharmaceutical And Food Used
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    Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing
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    CE / UL / SGS / EAC / CR – TU
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    1 set
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    USD 5500-65800 SET
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    L/C, T/T
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Tomato Seed Sus304 GMP 480kg/H Dryer Oven Machine

JCT -P Pharmaceutical Special Drying Oven Machine (Hot air drying oven ) (Pharmaceutical oven )( Hot air circulating oven, Hot air circulating drying machine )

1)Use Scope:


Our Drying machine is specially designed for fruit and vegetable. It use hot air to instead the solar light and the shift fan make the hot air cycling evenly in the oven. Thus the fruit and vegetable can be dried.In this way,the Drying machine we can produce dried vegetable and fruit without the limits of the weather. What is more, the time cost is shorten greatly.


2)Product Features:


1.Most hot air is circled inside the oven, high heat efficiency, save energy.
2. Equipped with forced ventilation and adjustable air distribution plates.

3. A wide selection of heat source such as steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, etc.

4. Low machine noise, balance running process, automatic temperature control system, easy installation and maintenance.
5. Inside wall is stainless steel, outside wall is carbon steel (with nice cover painting).

6.Wide application.Such as food, vegetables,fruits,fish,shrimp,sea cucumber etc

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The air steam passes through only the surface of raw material in traditional chamber dryer. The disadvantage is that the coefficient of raw material only in traditional level chamber dryer. The disadvantage is that the coefficient of heat transfer is low, the drying time is long, and it has defects in structure, can not be in conformity with the requirements of GMP. In order to overcome the shortage, we designed and developed the penetrating air stream chamber dryer on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. The principle of work is shown in the diagram below. 


Tomato Seed Sus304 GMP 480kg/H Dryer Oven Machine 1



In the traditional horizontal flow oven dryer, the airflow only flows over the material’s surface, and it has the disadvantages of low heat transfer coefficient, low heat efficiency and long material drying time, because of which, they can’t meet the GMP medicine production standard. To overcome the disadvantages, our company develops the Special Drying Oven by absorbing the advanced technology home and aboard.
The machine uses fan to filter some fresh air through low efficiency, middle efficiency and high efficiency, and this would make the purification reach lakh level, then the air would go through the steam heat exchanger, so that the air temperature would lift to a certain level, after purifying by filtering heated air, it would flow to each level through shunt plate in the left side to make the heated wind passes through the material to be dried evenly. The moist air is pumped out by the centrifugal fan from the bottom of inclined duct under the bake plate, then some the moist air is exhausted out of the oven, and the other part still keeps circulating and being heated to achieve the drying purpose.

Tomato Seed Sus304 GMP 480kg/H Dryer Oven Machine 2


Every circulation of the heated air would pass through the middle and high efficient filters, preventing the material mixed with air from modification in the circulation progress, avoiding the pollution of medicine, and it meets well with the medicine production standard.
The Special Drying Oven has larger drying capability than the horizontal type; the thickness of material is over 3 times of that in the horizontal type.
The Special Drying Oven has larger area and higher efficiency, and its drying capability is several times higher than the horizontal type, besides, it has lower cost.
The machine is applicable to drying all sizes of granular and block material.
The machine is easy to clean, portable to disassemble and convenient to clean, besides, it works with low failure ratio.
There are air filter in the air inlet and outlet, so that the material wouldn’t be polluted and affected its quality.
The oven can heat through steam heat conduction oil or electric.

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