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2000L 316L LPG Spray Drying Machine Industrial

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name YIBU
Certification CE / UL / SGS / EAC / CR – TU
Model Number PLG
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price 20000~90000 USD/set
Packaging Details standard export packe,fumigation wooden case
Payment Terms D/P, T/T, D/A, L/C
Supply Ability 200set/year
Product Details
Material SUS304/316L Capacity Customized
Heating Hot Water Or Steam Or Conductive Oil Control System PLC+HMI Or Push Bottom
Core Components Engine Processing Types Spice
High Light

LPG Spray Drying Machine


316L Spray Drying Machine


2000L Spray Drying Machine

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Product Description

MICCake SUS304 PLG series plate tray dryer with heating system of hot water or steam or condutive oil



Product Description

LPG Series Spray Dryer Machine Industrial:


LPG Series Spray Dryer Machine Industrial Specifications:
1.High-speed spray dryer
2.Used SS 304
3.Evaporation capacity 5L-2000L
4.Suitable medicine, food, chemical
5.Meet ISO

Particularly it has unique advantage for drying polymers and resins; dyestuff and pigment; ceramics, glass; derust agent; pesticide; carbohydrate, diary products; detergent and surfactant; fertilizer, organic compound, inorganic compound and so on.

Principle of work:

Air is turned into hot air through heater and enters into hot air distributor at the top of dry chamber and then enters into dry chamber and rotates in the state of helix. At the same time liquid of raw material is sent to centrifugal atomizer at the top of dry chamber through stepless variable screw pump. In which liquid of raw material atomizes small drops. Air and liquid of raw material flow and contact each other. The moisture vaporizes rapidly. Liquid of raw material is dried into finished product in a short time. The finished product is discharged through the bottom cyclone separator of drier and the wasted air is exhausted through fan.


The dry speed is very quick. When raw material is atomized, the surface area increases greatly. 65~98% of moisture can be vaporized in hot air stream momentary. The dry time to be used is only 5~15 seconds. Especially, it is suitable for drying thermal sensitive raw materials.

The size of finished product is uniform and the flow and solubility are good. The purity and quality of product are good too.
The operation is stable and simple. The regulation and control is very convenient. It is easy to realize automatic operation.
The operation process is simplified and the operation environment is superior and can avoid powder dust during the period of operation.



MODEL LPG-5 LPG-25 LPG-50 LPG-100 LPG-150 LPG-200~2000
Inter temperature 140~300
Outer temperature 70~90
Evaporated amount of moisture (kg/h) 5 25 50 100 150 200~2000
Revolution (rpm) 25000 18000 18000 18000 15500 8000~15500
Diameter of atomizing disc (mm) 50 120 120 120 150 180~240
Heat source Electricity Electricity Steam+ electricity, oil, fuel, gas Solved by user
Max. power of electric heater (kw) 9 48 72 81 99 /
Overall dimensions (m) 1.8X0.93X2.2 3X3.2X5.1 3.7X3.2X5.1 4.6X4.2X6 5.5X4.5X7  
Recovery rate of dry powder (%) ≥95

Flow chart

2000L 316L LPG Spray Drying Machine Industrial 0




(1) easy control, wide application

1. Regulate thickness of materials, rotating speed of main shaft, number of harrow's arm, style of and sizes harrows achieve best drying process.

2. Each layer of drying plate can be fed with hot or cold media individually to heat or cold materials and make temperature control accurate and easy.

3. Dwell time of materials can be accurately adjusted.

4. Single flowing direction of materials without return flowing and mixing, uniform drying and stable quality, no re-mixing is required.

(2) Easy and simple operation

1. Start stop of dryer is quite simple

2. After material feeding is stopped, they can be easily discharged out of the dryer by harrows.

3. Careful cleaning and observation can be carried inside the equipment through large-scale viewing window.

(3) Low energy consumption

1. Thin layer of materials, low speed of main shaft, small power and energy required for conveying system of materials.

2. Dry by conducting heat so it has high heating efficiency and low energy consumption.

(4)Good operation environment, solvent can be recovered and powder discharge meet the requirements of exhaust.

1. Normal pressure type: as low speed of air flow inside the equipment and moisture being high in upper part and low in lower part, dust powder couldn't float to the equipment, so there is almost no dust powder in tail gas discharged from the moist discharge port on the top.

2. Closed type: equipped with solvent recovery device that can recover organic solvent easily from moist-carrier gas. The solvent recovery device has simple structure and high recovery rate, and nitrogen can be used as moist-carrier gas in closed circulation for those subject to burning, explosion and oxidation, and poisonous materials in order for safe operation. Especially suitable for drying of flammable, explosive and poisonous materials.

3. Vacuum type: if the plate dryer is operating under vacuum state, it is particularly suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

(5) Easy installation and small occupying area.

1. As the dryer is in a whole for delivery, it is quite easy to install and fix at site only by hoisting.

2. As drying plates being arranged by layers and installed vertically, it takes a small occupying area though drying area is large.


Features of technology


1.Drying plate


(1) Desiging pressure: general is 0.4MPa, Max. can reach 1.6MPa.

(2) Work pressure: general is less than 0.4MPa, and max. can reach 1.6MPa.

(3) Heating medium:steam, hot water, oil. When the drying plates’ temperature is 100°C, hot water can be used ; when 100°C~150°C,it will be saturated water steam ≤0.4MPa or steam-gas, and when 150°C~320°C,it will be oil; when >320˚C it will be heated by electric, oil or fused salt.


2.Material transmission system


(1) Main shaft revoluton: 1~10r/min, electromagnetism of transducer timing.

(2) Harrow arm: There are 2 to 8 pieces arm that be fixed on the main shaft on the every layers.

(3) Harrow's blade: Surrounding the harrow's blade, float together with the surface of the plate to keep contact. There're various of types.

(4) Roller: for the products easily agglomerate, or with the requirements of grinding, the heat transfer and drying process might be

reinforced by placing roller(s) at the appropriate place(s).


There're three types for option: normal pressure, sealed and vacuum

(1) Normal pressure:Cylinder or eight-sided cylinder, there are whole and dimidiate structures. The main pipes of inlet and outlet for heating media can be in the shell, also can be in the outer shell.

(2) Sealed: Cylindrical shell, could bear the interior pressure of 5kPa, the main ducts of the inlet and outlet of heating media might be inside of the shell or outside.

(3) Vacuum: Cylindrical shell, could bear the exterior pressure of 0.1MPa. The main ducts of inlet and outlet is inside of the shell.

4.Air heater

Normal for the application of big evaporation capacity to increase drying efficiency.




Drying, heat decomposition,
combustion, cooling, reaction,
and sublimation

1. Organic chemicals

2. Mineral chemicals

3. Pharmaceutical and foodstuff

4. Feed and fertilizer


Equipment parameters

spec diameter mm high mm area of dry m2 power Kw spec diameter mm high mm area of dry m2 power Kw
1200/4 1850 2608 3.3 1.1 2200/18 2900 5782 55.4 5.5
1200/6 3028 4.9 2200/20 6202 61.6
1200/8 3448 6.6 1.5 2200/22 6622 67.7 7.5
1200/10 3868 8.2 2200/24 7042 73.9
1200/12 4288 9.9 2200/26 7462 80.0
1500/6 2100 3022 8.0 2.2 3000/8 3800 4050 48 11
1500/8 3442 10.7 3000/10 4650 60
1500/10 3862 13.4 3000/12 5250 72
1500/12 4282 16.1 3.0 3000/14 5850 84
1500/14 4702 18.8 3000/16 6450 96
1500/16 5122 21.5 3000/18 7050 108 13
2200/6 2900 3262 18.5 3.0 3000/20 7650 120
2200/8 3682 24.6 3000/22 8250 132
2200/10 4102 30.8 3000/24 8850 144
2200/12 4522 36.9 4.0 3000/26 9450 156 15
2200/14 4942 43.1 3000/28 10050 168
2200/16 5362 49.3 5.5 3000/30 10650 180