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Spray Drying Equipment Waste Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Compact Structure

Place of Origin China
Brand Name YIBU
Model Number RG
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details wooden case or film plastic wrapped
Delivery Time 30days ,depending on the size of the machine
Supply Ability 30 set/montth
Product Details
Size The Machine Is Customized ,we Can Do It According To Customer Requirment Certicate CE ,ISO9001&14001
Material SUS304 Or 316L Feature Low Temperature Heat Energy
Name Mechanical Heat Recovery Unit Power Customized
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mechanical heat recovery unit


heat recovery equipment

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Product Description


Waste heat recovery system


Main characteristics of heat pipe:
1. Quick start, fast heat transfer
2. Small heat resistance, good temperature uniformity
3. High thermal conductivity. 14MW/m.C
4. Large heat transfer capability
5. Wide temperature range
6. Low working pressure
7. Good compatibility
8. Long service life
9. Safe and reliable application
10. Heat transfer element, no matter in the heat excitation state or static state, will not produce any harmful to the human body's radioactive material


technology characteristics
hot side cold side
medium flue gas medium air
Mass Flow 35000kg/h Mass Flow 22700kg/h
Inlet temp 346ºC Inlet temp 20ºC
Outlet temp 180ºC Outlet temp 290ºC
Pressure drop ≤1000Pa Pressure drop ≤1000Pa
Equipment size 4600/2300/4100 Material 304/Q235
Heat transfer 1842Kw Heat transfer area 1000m²

Flue gas-air heat exchanger pic and schematic:
Boiler Flue Gas Waste Heat Recovery Exchanger

Heat pipe technology introduction:
Heat pipe is a kind of new heat conduction element with super high thermal conductivity. Since the 80s have been developed heat pipe gas - gas heat exchanger, heat pipe gas - water heat exchanger, heat pipe waste heat-steamhorseshoe kiln, heat pipe steam generator, heat pipe hot air stove and other heat pipe products. Heat pipe widely used in building materials industry, metallurgical industry, chemical and petrochemical, power engineering, textile industry, glass industry, electrical and electronic engineering and so on.
Boiler Flue Gas Waste Heat Recovery Exchanger

Heat pipe working principle:
Heat pipe is the core components of waste heat heat pipe evaporator. Heat transfer through the phase change latent heat of the working medium in a closed vacuum tube. The heat transfer performance is similar to the conductive properties of superconductors.has high heat transfer capacity and a good heat transfer efficiency. A typical gravity heat pipe is as the picture shows, the sealed tube evacuated,then filled with a small amount of working medium. And the lower end of the heat pipe is heated, the working fluid absorbs heat and vaporized into steam, under a small pressure difference, the steam go to the heat pipe top end and release heat to the outside, then the working medium condenses into liquid again, the liquid along the inner wall of the heat pipe return to the lower heated section under the action of gravity. Then absorbs heat again. Recurring, continuously transfer heat from one end to the other.

As it's phase change heat transfer, heat pipe heat resistance is very small, heat pipe has a larger heat transfer capacity with a smaller temperature difference. And the heat pipe structure is simple.has a one-way thermal characteristics.Particularly due to the unique mechanism of the heat pipe, the heat exchange between the cold and hot fluid is carried out outside the pipe, and can easily enhanced heat transfer.

Structural Characteristics of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger:
1. Easy installation.the waste heat recovery equipment installation, no need to modify the original steam horseshoe or industrial kiln. No environmental restrictions, Heat pipe can be designed according to the environment requirements.

2. Safe and reliable.the heat pipe isothermal is good, fast heat transfer, high efficiency. Resonance occurs during heat transfer, does not produce dirt and ventilation resistance. Won't affect the steam horseshoe kiln or kiln of normal work under any condition.

3. Density variability. The heat pipe can independently change the heat transfer area of the evaporator section. It means the heat pipe can reduce the heating area of absorbs heat, and increase cooling area of release heat. Or Heat pipe can increase the heating area of absorbs heat, and reduce cooling area of release heat.

4. Wide application. Can be used in food, control, building materials, steel, electronics, chemicals, wood processing, paper, pharmaceutical, clothing, beverages, machinery and other industries. Can adapt to a variety of harsh working environment.

5. Long life. Corrosion-resistant, High temperature, lifetime 8-10 years.

6. Energy-saving. energy-saving 10%-30%, emission reduction 10%-20%, equipment investment recovery time is short, 3-10 months can recover the full investment.

7. Easy maintenance. Easy to remove dust, maintenance convenient.


Working principle

The wet air enter into the heating area from the bottom of the equipment.

After the bottom of hot pipe absorb the heat, and the working medium in the hot pipe will be evaporated, and absorb Evaporated heat from the wet air . after evaporation , the steam will go up to the top of the hot air , meanwhile , it can be pre-condensed ,and release the potential heat to the hot air radiating area . and the condense will back return by the gravity heavy , and continuously receive heat , and repeat delivering the heat from the heating area to the heat radiating area,and heat the fresh for waste heat recovery .