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Safe Operation Powder Granulator Machine With Coating Fuction High Efficiency Energy Saving

Place of Origin China
Brand Name YIBU
Certification ISO9001, ISO14001 , CE , SGS , UL CERTIFICATE
Model Number DLB
Minimum Order Quantity 1 ser
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Wooden case
Delivery Time 65 working days
Payment Terms LC , TT
Supply Ability 28 SETS/ YEAR
Product Details
Metal Material SUS316/SUS304/ CARBON STEEL ,ETC Heating Source Steam / Electrical / Natural Gas Etc
Function Drying , Granulation ,coating Motor ABB / SIEMENS/
Control PLC+HMI / Button Control Document FAT/ IQ / OQ / PQ
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fluid bed granulator


wet granulator machine

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Product Description

【DLB-P Multi -functional Pharmaceutical Granulator Machine With Coating, Wholesale Various High Quality【DLB-P Multi -functional Pharmaceutical Granulator Machine With Coating】Products From Changzhou YIBU Drying Equipment Co.,ltd 【DLB-P Multi -functional Pharmaceutical Granulator Machine With Coating】Suppliers and【DLB-P Multi -functional Pharmaceutical Granulator Machine With CoatingFactory.

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Bottom spray coating Fluid bed coating drying machine drying equipment


1. Features for this kind drying machine


• Coloration, taste masking, moistureproof, antioxidation, prevent water, heat insulation and separation coating for powder, granule, pellet material

• With good dispersivity for product, no adhesion phenomenon

• Short travel distance for spray drying, no coating material loss, ensure a low production cost.

• The design of inverted centrum for deceleration and middle round pipe for accelerate, can coating for microgranule, small&big granule and micropellets.



2. Structure Introduction of this kind drying equipment:


This series machine is mainly consist of air filter, air heater, fluided granulating, coating bed, middle/separate chamber, bag-filter chamber, exhaust air pipe, exhaust fan, silencer and control cabinet etc.


1) Main machine

It is made of Bottom inlet air chamber ,granulating/drying bed,coating bed, separate chamber,Bag-filter chamber.


2) Air filter

It is made of primary and middle filter and HEPA, ensure 100000 cleaning degree.


3) Air heater

Temperature fluctuation range is ±2°C. Especially for granulating,coating operation with steady appearance.


4) Exhaust air system

It is made of exhaust duct,exhaust fan and silencer. Exhaust fan is separated installation with main machine,noise ≤80 decibel, wind volume control by inverter; Continue adjust fluidized state,so this kind of machine suit big range of raw materials,It is also suit different raw materials’air quantity demands.


5) Spray system

Consist of trolley, peristaltic pump and spray cylinder, stir the binder and coating material, reduce the film material’s viscosity in constant temperature condition, improve the coating efficiency.


3. Technical characteristic of this drying equipment:


1)Top filtering chamber consist of left and right room with gate valve type flap, remove dust alternately during working, reach a high-efficiency continuous effect for removing dust, ensure material flowing regularly in fluided bed .


2) The separate chamber as obverse centrum- straight- obverse centrum structure, more high with more big sectional area. The first obverse centrum in favor of powder falling down, especially in granulating/coating for powder material, avoid delamination, thus ensure a uniform effect. The straight section’s function is: during coating for granules, extend the granules falling time, not easy stick to each other. The second obverse centrum is for accelerate the speed of material fall-backing and reduce machine size.



3) Spouted bed: material rotate in bed as fountain flow, with regular “annular” rotate track, suit for coating process, with uniform, continuous, compacted film, requied the material with limited diameter range.


*Bottom spray— When sprayed drops move the same direction with material, so have a short distance with material, and the moisture not easy evaporating quickly, have a good adhesion with material, with a strong tractility, cause the film firm and continuous.


* Regular fluiding—in “fountain” type fluiding, material with good moving track, this point is indispensable in strict coating operation, so can ensure equal opportunity for material contacting with sprayed drops, cause a uniform coating effect.


* Fountain fluiding—material do the autorotation movement itself, so every angle of material surface with the equal opportunity for contacting sprayed drops, so for slowly-release, controlled-release coating, the film by bottom spray, is continuous and uniform.


* Film performance-The “fountain” regular flow in bottom spray bed, cause available for “complete” coating, uniform film, and less coating material consumption.


* Main point for machine parts—The height of guide cylinder in bed is adjustable, the height will modify with the material diameter becoming big and big, The distribution and hole percent will different with different material.


4) With strict interlocking function,causeno misoperation.


5) The structure of machine is airtight roundness,no dead angle, easy to clean, no cross contamination.


4. Machine pictures




DLB Series Multi-Function Granulator & Coater is a new type of solid ingredients/ material preparation equipment that integrates granulating, coating, fluidizing and rotating granulating together. It is mainly applicable for granulating, pill making and coating in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and so on industries, such as granules to be pressed to tablets, or to be filled into capsules, granules for other Chinese and Western Medicine, solid drinks, especially controlled release capsules and granules.

Spray coating in a fluidized bed system produces an optimal surface coating for your product through even application of a film material. Depending on requirements, the product properties can be influenced and enhanced.

With this method, particles having different shapes and sizes are moved around in the fluidized bed and simultaneously sprayed with a liquid. The aqueous or organic solution evaporates and the solids it contains form the coating layer. A typical particle size is 100 micrometers up to 3 millimeters.

The casing can be used as a protective layer to increase shelf life or storage stability as well as to make the particles functional – for instance, to mask odors or tastes or to release


Principle :

Spray coating can be performed – usually in batch processing – in all fluidized bed systems. For some coating applications, a continuous process is also available. The film material is applied as a solution, suspension or melt. Caution should be taken here that no liquid bridges form during application in order to avoid undesirable agglomeration.

When coating using a solution or a suspension, the liquid serves to transport the solids to the surface of the particles. When a melt is used for coating, in contrast, the coating material is one-hundred percent spreadable. YIBU technologies permit an optimal retention time of the particles in the coating zone. This assures outstanding coating qualities.

Coating can take place as top spray, tangential spray, bottom spray or rotor process, depending from which direction the particles are being sprayed. These methods can all be performed in a single, modern fluidized bed system. Customized for your needs.

The electronic systems and their safety should comply with the requirements set forth in 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP Annex 11;

The data should be collected at appropriate time intervals and stored in the system in a fixed format that can be printed out/read;

specific active substances.

Model 5 15 30 60 120 200 300 500
capacity kg/batch 4-6 10-20 20-40 40-80 80-160 160-250 250-350 250-550
Material container diameter mm 400 550 700 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
volume L 22 45 100 2200 420 670 1000 1480
steam consumption kg/h 23 42 70 141 211 282 366 450
pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
compressed air consumption m3/min 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.8 1.2 1.8 2.6
pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
power of suction fan kW 5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 45
working temp. 0C Adjustable from indoor temperature to 1200C
moisture % ≥2
collection of material % ≥99
noise dB ≤70 (suction fan is separately treated)
power of electric heating kW 7.0 12 14.5 21 30 47 70 90
dimension of machine   mm 400 550 700 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
H1 mm 2250 2280 2640 3040 3390 4300 4620 5080
H2 mm 1690 1710 2220 2550 2800 3700 3900 4450
B1 mm 9500 1100 1250 1680 1530 1630 1750 1870
B2 mm 660 820 1030 1480 1530 1800 2000 2200


Safe Operation Powder Granulator Machine With Coating Fuction High Efficiency Energy Saving 0