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Lab Type Multifuctional Fluid Bed Dryer And Granulator For Foodstuff And Pharmacutical Industry

Lab Type Multifuctional Fluid Bed Dryer And Granulator For Foodstuff And Pharmacutical Industry

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    Fluid Bed Dryer And Granulator


    SUS316l Granulator and Coater


    Multifunction Granulator and Coater

  • Material
    Sus304 Or SUS316l
  • Be Used For
    Foodstuff Industry
  • Be Specialized In
    Main Machine Material
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001 , ISO14001, SGS . CE , UL Certificate
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
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  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    45-60 days
  • Supply Ability
    28 set per year

Lab Type Multifuctional Fluid Bed Dryer And Granulator For Foodstuff And Pharmacutical Industry

LB Series Multi-function Granulator &Coater
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Product Description
DLB Series Multi-Function Granulator & Coater is a new type of solid ingredients/ material preparation equipment, that integrates granulating, coating, fluidizing and rotating granulating together. It is mainly applicable for granulating, pill making and coating in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and so on industries, such as granules to be pressed to tablets, or to be filled into capsules, granules for other Chinese and Western Medicine, solid drinks, especially controlled release capsules and granule.
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Spray coating can be performed – usually in batch processing – in all fluidized bed systems. For some coating applications, a continuous process is also available. The film material is applied as a solution, suspension or melt. Caution should be taken here that no liquid bridges form during application in order to avoid undesirable agglomeration.
When coating using a solution or a suspension, the liquid serves to transport the solids to the surface of the particles. When a melt is used for coating, in contrast, the coating material is one-hundred percent spreadable. YIBU technologies permit an optimal retention time of the particles in the coating zone. This assures outstanding coating qualities.
Coating can take place as top spray, tangential spray, bottom spray or rotor process, depending from which direction the particles are being sprayed. These methods can all be performed in a single, modern fluidized bed system. Customized for your needs.


Lab Type Multifuctional Fluid Bed Dryer And Granulator For Foodstuff And Pharmacutical Industry 1
▪ Tangent spray technique: pelletizing, covering, coating
▪ Top spray technique:granulating
▪ Bottom spray technique:coating
Tangent spray technique:the material in the fluid bed is pushed upward by the hot air flow, it will do regular spin rolling movement in the specially designed container with the influences of centrifuge of the rotary plate, centripetal force of material container, the air flow back and the gravity. The liquid sprayed at a tangent direction make the material into core of pills, which are coated by powder from tangent spraying to get required tighten fine pellets.
Top spray technique: the material in the fluid bed forms upward. Flowing state pushed by the hot air flow, then combined into granules gradually by the liquid sprayed from upward, and irregular granules will be gotten after drying.
Bottom spray technique: the material is pushed upward from the bottom of the flow leading pipe by hot air flow and sprayed back, and coating liquid is sprayed from bottom of the flow leading pipe ,and coated onto the materials moving in the same direction to achieve the coating purpose.
Mixing: For various kinds of fluidizable materials, such as powder, granules, micro-granule etc. Because of multi-dimensional movement (horizontal, tangent and radial direction), the mixing effect is very good.
Granulating: Spray adhesive onto powder to produce granules with various diameters.
Coating: Efficient for to coat powder, granules and microgranules.
Thermal Material Coating: Suitable for coating powder, granules and micro-granules with thermal wax.
Spray Drying: Spray liquid or suspension onto powder so they should be dried.
Cooling: This equipment might also be used for cooling powder or granules.
Technical Paramenters

Max working capacity(L)Top spray224510042062011002000
Bottom spray1535904005509001600
Electric heater power (kw)21274581135234315
Range of temperature (°C)0-120automatically regulated
Consume of steam (kg/h)601001802203666001000
Power of fan (kw)5.5111522305575
Amount of compressed air (m3/min)
Weight (kg)1450180026003450400065008000

Overall dimensions



  1. Product charging by lifting machine.
  2. Product charging by vacuum transfer system
  3. Printer
  4. WIP system