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Lower Temperature Continuous Vacuum Dryer , Vacuum Spray Dryer In Pharmaceutical Industry

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name YIBY
Certification CE / UL / SGS / EAC / CR – TU
Model Number QJ
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Woodencase
Delivery Time 7 weeks
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 20 SETS PER MONTH
Product Details
Metal Material SUS316/SUS304/ CARBON STEEL ,ETC Heating Source Steam / Hot Water / Thermal Oil
Temp 100-300℃ Caoacity 200-6000kg Per Hour
Motor ABB SIEMENS Power Supply Customized
High Light

vacuum drying equipment


vacuum rotary dryer


hollow paddle drying Equipment

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Product Description

Wastewater sludge QJ-P Hollow Blade  conductive style drying machine(Hollow paddle dryer, Hollow impeller dryer, Hollow paddle drying machine , hollow paddle drying Equipment

Product Description

Paddle dryer is an indirect -heating equipment, it is suitable to dry good stable materials such as paste, powder, granule and sludge. It is capable of drying material with high moisture content, and high viscosity.

It is characterized by the hollow rotating shafts and the hollow jacket. Thermal medium is filled in the shafts and the hollow jacket, which can release new area continuously,so that the high efficiency is gained.

Wet material is fed continuously to the paddle dryer by a feed pump or screw feeder, and then is heated by the rotating shafts and the hollow jacket. Dust containing air is sent to the dust collector for cleaning by a drought fan, while dry product is discharged from the outlet of the paddle dryer.

Technical advantages:
1.High heat efficiency: little heat loss of the system due to the insulating material, also little heat loss while

exhaust air leaves the dryer. The heat efficiency can reach 90%.

2. Perfect sealing: 3 packing sealing and air seal to ensure the perfect sealing of the paddle dryer.

3.Indirect heating: preventing the material from being polluted.

4. Suitable for various materials (whole feed field, chemical material, sludge, powder, solvent


Closed-loop for solvent recovery (inert gas blanket for explosive material)

5. Continuous operation, uniform drying.

6. High evaporation capacity.

7. High thermal efficiency.

8. Negative pressure, no dust flying.

9. Easy maintenance.

Ancillary equipment

1. Feeding device: depending on different material. (generally screw conveyor or feeding pump)

2. Drought fan

3. Dust collector (can be cyclone or fabric dust collector)

4. Discharge valve.

5. Control system.




Working Principles:

Hot water, steam or thermal oil can be used as the thermal medium.Thermal medium is divided into two paths,

and goes respectively into the dryer jacket and the shafts.

The body and the shafts are heated simultaneously, and material is heated indirectly.The material is heated and dried in a high efficiency due to the large area released by the continuously rotating shafts and the jacket.Dry material is discharged from the outlet of the dryer, while the evaporated moisture is taken out of the dryer by the drought fan, and then is treated in the dust collector. Exhaust air is vented.


1. The heat consumption of blade is low: No heat carried out by the air because of indirect heating; there's no heat insulation layer with the exterior wall of the dryer. It consumes 1.2 kg of steam to evaporate 1kg of water for to drying slurry state of material.

2. The cost of the blade dryer is low: The unit effective volume has very large heat transferring surface, so the processing time is shorted, the size of the equipment becomes small. The building area and place are sharply decreased.

3. The range of material to be processed is wide: Heat sensitive material and the materials to be processed under high temperature might be processed with different heating media. The normal media are: steam, thermal oil, hot water and chill water. It might be continuous or batch operation, widely used in many areas.

4. The pollution is less: Without any carrying air, very little powder is carried out. The solvent evaporated is very few, it easy to be processed. For the material that might cause pollution or the solvent to be recovered, it might adopt sealed circulation.

5. The operation cost is low: 1hour/day/operator is enough for normal operation. Low stirring speed and reasonable structure, the worn amount is few, and the maintenance fee is low.

6. Steady operation: The material particles fully contact heat transferring surface, because of the special compressing and swell-stirring effect of the chock shaped blade. The difference of the temperature, humidity and mixing effect are very small in the different axial area, so to ensure the stability of process.

specitem QJ3 QJ 9 QJ 13 QJ 18 QJ 29 QJ 41 QJ 52 QJ 68 QJ 81 QJ 95 QJ 110
Heat transferring area m2 3 9 13 18 29 41 52 68 81 95 110
effective volume m3 0.06 0.32 0.59 1.09 1.85 2.8 3.96 5.21 6.43 8.07 9.46
range of rotating speed r.m.p 15-30 10-25 10-25 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 5-15 5-15 5-10
power kw 2.2 4 5.5 7.5 11 15 30 45 55 75 95
A width of vessel mm 306 584 762 940 1118 1296 1474 1652 1828 2032 2210
B total width mm 736 841 1066 1320 1474 1676 1854 2134 1186 2438 2668
C length of vessel mm 1956 2820 3048 3328 4114 4724 5258 5842 6020 6124 6122
D total length mm 2972 4876 5486 5918 6808 7570 8306 9296 9678 9704 9880
E distance of material inlet & outlet mm 1752 2540 2768 3048 3810 4420 4954 5384 5562 5664 5664
F height of center mm 380 380 534 610 762 915 1066 1220 1220 1220 1220
H total height mm 762 838 1092 1270 1524 1778 2032 2362 2464 2566 2668
N steam inlet “N” (inch) 3/4 3/4 1 1 1 1 11/2 11/2 11/2 11/2 2
O water outlet "o" (inch) 3/4 3/4 1 1 1 1 11/2 11/2 11/2 11/2 2

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