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Stainless Steel Heat Recovering System for dryer / granulator

Stainless Steel Heat Recovering System for dryer / granulator

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    universal heat exchanger


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    SUS304 SUS316 , CS
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    CE / UL / SGS / EAC / CR – TU
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Stainless Steel Heat Recovering System for dryer / granulator

SUS304 SUS316L CS Heat recovering system for dryer and granulator

◆ Drying, as an ancient process technology, has been widely used in various fields of social production and living. While at the same time, drying consumes lots of energy. According to statistics, the energy dissipations of drying accounts for 7% ~ 15% of total energy consumption, while the thermal efficiency is only 25% ~ 50%, and most drying process has effects on the material’s color, nutrition, flavor and ingredients , especially on heat-sensitive materials (such as food and biological materials).
◆ The advantage for the hot pump drying technology as bellow: small energy consumption, less pollution to the environment, good quality of dried product, wide usage and so on. Its excellent energy saving efficiency has been proved by various test institutes at home and abroad.


◆ Heat pump working medium is compressed by compressor and becomes air with high temperature and high pressure, then it enters the condenser, condensates to liquid and releases heat to heat the air in the dryer and achieve the aim of improving the temperature of the dryer .meanwhile,the moisture of materials may evaporate in the hot air, and the water vapor would be discharged by the dehumidification system so as to achieve the purpose of drying materials.
◆ Dehumidification system has hot air recycling device, and the recycled hot air can also be used to heat air, which may save 60% - 70% of the energy consumption.


◆ Easy to install: It is convenient to install and remove, and it covers a small area, can be installed inside and outside.
◆ Efficient heat recovery: The heat recovery efficiency gets more than 60%, compared with the one of coal, oil, gas, water heater, nearly 75% operation cost can be saved.
◆ Safety and pollution-free: There is no combustion and emissions in the operation and it runs safely and reliably, is a kind of environmental friendly Equipment.
◆ Highly automatic and intelligent : It adopts automatic constant temperature device and can continuously work for 24 hours.

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